Monday, March 3, 2008

ER gets post-modernism right!

For all of those Emergent Church\Rob Bell fans out there, here is a good illustration of why your theology is bankrupt. It's not from John MacArthur or from Dave Hunt, but from the TV show ER.




Ron said...

This appeals greatly to my flesh. I would love to take out my bazooka and let these good for nothing feel good, no hell, no Savior, nobody is wrong kind of emergent freak take the blast of the Gospel. But would it still be the Gospel?

Jon Speed said...

LOL. Yeah, you're right, it would be fun.

I just think that it's interesting that folks who make no pretensions to spirituality (the writers of ER) understand how little post-modernism has to offer. They pretty much blow it up with the bazooka of common sense.