Monday, October 6, 2008

Interview with a Homosexual False Convert

Here is a video that we shot at the Dallas, TX gay pride parade with a guy named Scottie. Scottie has a typical evangelical background, as do many in the gay community in Dallas\Fort Worth. It might seem surprising to some that a homosexual would claim to be a Christian. In the pride parades in the Bible belt, it is not uncommon for churches to not only participate in the parade, but in the case of Fort Worth, the church actually sponsored it.

Why should we evangelicals be surprised that homosexuals easily claim Christianity as their own? Our seeker sensitive and Emergent churches have so watered down the Gospel that anyone who names the Name of Christ is embraced as a Christian. The Lord Jesus does not do the same thing (Matthew 7:21-23). As a result, the homosexual community wraps itself in the banner of Christ, freely printing His Name on their t-shirts, banners and promotional stickers. They have embraced the typically evangelical view of Jesus, but have they embraced the true Jesus, or another one? The Scripture is clear that they must be embracing a "Jesus" of their own making and thus violating the second commandment.

Behold, the fruit of the modern Gospel.

Please pray for Scottie. He has an everlasting soul.


Queers United said...

Jesus never said anything against gays. Jesus embraced and said gays are natural.

Jon Speed said...

Jesus would discriminate. In fact, He said He will. Not in the sense that He is partial in His judgment, but He will exercise judgment, which implies discrimination between truth and error. True converts and false.

Where did Jesus ever say, "Gays are natural?" Where in the Bible is it recorded that He "embraced" homosexuals?