Friday, March 30, 2012

Thoughts on the Death of an Evangelist

An accident took the life of our friend, David Mann. A guy ran a red light and struck David's vehicle. Now both are in eternity. That is how fast we can go from this life to the next. Yet we all live as if we will never die. This is why street evangelists do what they do. Call us fanatics, misguided, zealots, or specially gifted--all we are trying to do is live in the light of eternity. Ours and the people we preach to. If you don't know Christ, please repent and believe the gospel before it's your time to cross from this world to the next. That's not fear mongering. That, my friends, is reality. The greatest reality that you face every single day. In the meantime, we must preach as dying men to dying men.


Shirley said...

I am so sorry to hear this. And I wish we had more of you bringing the message you are bringing about eternity. The world needs to hear more of what you are sharing. Thank you for what you are doing.

Grace Abounds said...

1. Wishing I were him!

2. Thanks for the blog post - nice and concise. Will be passing it on.

Great picture of him. He is sooooo joyful now!


Linda said...

I know there's no guarantee in this life at all. That's why it's wonderful to know that by God's grace through faith I'm saved.

I know God's in complete control and for some reason we don't understand on this side of heaven, God wanted to bring his child home.. I know that doesn't bring much comfort.

Why God chose to take him home so soon and not someone like me I don't understand neither. One day 10months ago I should have been dead from a car accident. But for some reason God's restraining hand kept me from harm. Why I don't have a clue.

I recon that's something we have to leave up to our all-wise eternal God.
It's really so sad that many die so unexpectedly who are not saved. Eternity is such a long time to be wrong about God's word and what Jesus said we must do to be saved.

I pray his sudden death will bring many to eternal life for God's glory.

thanks for sharing