Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vote with Your Feet

The question has been brought up, and will be analyzed over the next four years and beyond, who is to blame for the re-election of President Obama? 

Well, the short answer is God.  He is Sovereign and He sets up kings and takes them down.  Read the Book of Daniel for an in-depth commentary on this truth.  This ought to cause us to tremble; God has given us one of the most inept presidents in history for a second term.  He supports homosexual marriage and the murder of every baby in the womb that Planned Parenthood can get their hands on.  The judgment of God continues to roll down on this nation. 

Todd Friel has come up with a pretty good diagram of what the problem really is.  It's just a crying shame that he didn't come up with this BEFORE the election.  If he had thought it through perhaps he would not have voted pragmatically for Mitt Romney (and encouraged his viewers to do the same).  Romney does not and cannot know the difference between good and evil since his worldview is patently false and he doesn't follow it anyway.

Yes, you heard it here.  Romney is not even a good Mormon in spite of the fact that the visitors center in Palmyra, NY for the Hill Cumorah quotes his wife in one of their displays.  A good Mormon would be pretty clear and consistent in his opposition over abortion in the one arena where it counts in politics: his record.  He would also be pretty clear in his opposition of homosexuality, which he is not.  This betrays the utter lack of principle that Romney has on the moral issues.  Nevertheless evangelicals, being the most gullible voting block in the history of the world, believe the cliched promises offered at election time rather than holding people accountable for their record.

Let me ask you a question.  I never saw a voting guide in this election based on Romney's record.  I wonder why?  

The Republican Party is completely clueless, which is why I left it in 2008.  They have not put up a seriously principled candidate since Ronald Reagan.  There is a war going on within the party between moderates (a la Romney) and social conservatives.  Unless the elites in the party make some kind of public statement involving sackcloth and ashes you can expect more of the same in 2016. 

In the next couple of years the Republican leadership will evaluate their strategy for 2016.  I wonder how they will determine who to put up?  There is only one thing that political strategists look at: statistics.  In other words, how did the party VOTE.  Those of you who voted for the "lesser of two evils" have almost guaranteed a similar moral dilemma in the next presidential election because the leadership has already seen that you are WILLING TO COMPROMISE YOUR PRINCIPLES IF THE ALTERNATIVE IS LIBERAL ENOUGH. They do not care about the conflicted consciences of conscientious Christians within the party.  They discovered what makes you tick in this election: panic and pragmatism. 

As an evangelical "conservative" bear in mind that you voted for a candidate who:

  • Invested (and thereby made money) in Stericycle, the company which services abortion clinics with the disposal of "medical waste" (baby corpses) across the nation.
  • Consistently upheld the "right to choose" in Massachusetts.  
  • Viewed the abortion issue as a non-presidential issue; he said it was a Supreme Court issue and thereby hoped to appeal to voters based on that.  
  • Has said vocally in 1994 and in August of 2012 that homosexuals should be admitted to the Boy Scouts
  • Came up with socialized health care in Massachusetts, providing a model for President Obama's version
Listen, we all make mistakes.  The problem is I'm not seeing anyone own up to them.  Repentance is the word of the day for evangelicals.  Repentance.   Repent for your compromised principles and for voting in a way that did not glorify God. 

Do you want to reform the Republican party?  You don't think that you have the power to do anything?  Do you want them to sit up and take notice?   Leave the party.  Vote with your feet.  Re-register as something else.  Now there is a statistic that will help the elites "get it." 

Two words: Constitution Party.


Justin Edwards said...

In a word, amen.

Nash Equilibrium said...

Yep, marginalize your voting bloc so that no serious politician will pay attention to your issues in even a small way. That's the ticket! Brilliant you're not.

Shane Dodson said...

Biblical, he is. Until Christians decide they'd rather be Biblical than "brilliant," we're in for the same in 2016.