Saturday, December 1, 2012

Unborn Twins "Fighting" in the Womb

When scientists captured this cinematic MRI of a pair of twins in the womb jostling for position, the media has billed it as an example of babies "fighting" in the womb.

 Note to the media elite: when you campaign for a woman's right to murder her baby in the womb and call the unborn baby "tissue" on one hand and then turn around and claim that these babies are "fighting" in the womb, you have a logical contradiction. You see, tissue doesn't fight.  

I also can't help but think of Genesis when Jacob and Esau are described as wrestling in the womb.  Of course, we've been told by liberal "enlightened" Bible scholars that this is not possible.  I wonder what they say now?   Don't expect much of a response.  They have a tendency to go as silent as the grave when science or archaeology jumps up and bites them in the butt.


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