Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Babies Are Murdered Here: A New Documentary

Please take two minutes and watch this video. Please consider donating to support the production of this full blown documentary on preaching the gospel at abortion clinics. This video project is intended to mobilize the church to preach the gospel at abortion clinics. Before you ask whether or not we preach the gospel instead of "just" saving babies, the answer is we DO preach the gospel there. Do you? Do you love your neighbor enough to defend their lives? Please consider supporting this project. You can do so here.


Michael Coughlin said...

That is excellent. I got the email from youtube when it was posted, but I didn't know YOU were in it!

That is really great. I am hoping that in 2013 we will put together a more concerted effort here in Central Ohio for this purpose.

Andy Moore said...

I love what I see in this trailer. Great work.