Thursday, April 25, 2013

Is Rocky Your Convert, Pastor?

Is Rocky your convert, pastor?

Consider this:

1. Rocky believes that she is a sinner.

2. Rocky believes that Jesus died for her.

3. Rocky believes that Jesus is God.

4. Rocky was baptized.

Conclusion: Rocky would be considered saved and could be a member at most evangelical churches.

Also consider:

1. Rocky drops the f-bomb several times every 60 seconds, among other things.

2. Rocky is a homosexual.

3. Rocky is either drunk or high or both.

4. Rocky has had an abortion and is proud of it.

Question: When someone gets saved, does it make any difference in their lives at all? Or is this what the true gospel produces? My Bible says that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. My Bible still says that if any man is in Christ he is a new creature. Why have I caught flack from evangelicals on this? Because it exposes the results of their easy believism. I could crank converts out like this all day long but since I have to answer to God, I won't.

P.S. We have an interview that we have not aired yet with Rocky that we did about 20 minutes later where she listened to the gospel, took a gospel tract with my email on it, and actually listened. So before anyone passes judgment on me or any other street preacher for being too harsh, you might want to get the whole story. More importantly, you might want to evaluate your own theology which created Rocky and countless millions like her.

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Michael Coughlin said...

I do not think you were too harsh. I believe there is an element of wisdom that has to come in a discussion whereby you have to choose to discuss things a certain way.

With an academic I might use big words I wouldn't use with someone who admitted to me they had no education and couldn't read.

The question has to be what is the heart motivation behind the way we speak to anyone. If we are returning evil for evil, or finding enjoyment in "winning" an argument, we ought to repent.

But I have had several conversations where God allowed a harsh rebuke on my part to get someone's attention. Not to dip into psychology, but some people have never really recognized authority, so if you show them some they actually may respect it.