Saturday, October 27, 2012

Paul Washer on Biblical Street Preaching

Please note what Paul Washer says about the requirements for a street preacher as well as the need for compassion and level headedness. The time for everyone with an attitude and minimalistic training to give it a go in the open-air is over. Let's hold the street preacher to the same standard as the pulpit.


Shane Dodson said...

And who will hold these men accountable to such a standard?

The local church. Amazing how it always comes back to that, right? ;-)

Michael Coughlin said...


It seems that there was a point in time that the generally accepted principle was anyone who was saved should be on the streets preaching, regardless of maturity, qualifications or desire.

From your recent posts, it seems as if you now would disagree.

This is an excellent thing, if so. The question is - where does an aspiring preacher get his training?

The local church, of course.

Lance said...

The best way is to be tutored by an experienced open air preacher as well. For myself, personally, hanging with open air preachers and gleaning from their experience keeps one humble.

Melissa Canchola said...

It is a good idea to be mature, but everybody has a beginning, not everybody who has done open air evangelism, were really good at first. I think you need trial and error. It is also good to go with your church and have them pray for you.