Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vote Biblically

Here is an excellent resource from Go, Stand, Speak on the issue of how to vote Biblically.  There is precious little that has been written or produced on this important topic.  As we approach this election, we must consider what the Bible has to say and honor the Lord by submitting to it, regardless what we may have heard about this issue in the past. 


Anonymous said...

You guys are about to drink the Romney koolaid aid here. Putting a heretic in the post powerful position in the world is contrary to all sound biblical teaching. We are not to promote heresy, it is as deadly to souls as abortion is to the body. May God forgive you for your political intrigue.

Jon Speed said...


May God forgive you for assuming something that is not true since you apparently did not watch the video. The producers of this video and I agree that Romney is NOT a Biblical candidate. Judge with righteous judgment, brother.