Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Culture Shifts and a Wake Up Call

Christian: if you find yourself surprised by the culture shift that has made Biblical Christianity passe and bordering on illegal, I have two words of exhortation for you. You might want to jot this down. Are you ready? Here they are....


What have you been doing for the last twenty years? No one flipped a switch or pushed a button to get this culture to go into immorality and relativism overdrive. We've been too busy with building programs. Church softball leagues. Gathering men together to get in touch with their inner child\man\woman\extra terrestrial. Gathering women together to get inner healing. Gathering children and teenagers together for pizza and a movie. Trying to prove the Bible. Ecumenical worship services with heretics and apostates. And on and on, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Man up. Pastors, it may not be too late. A dark age may yet be avoided. Teach your people to study the Bible, yes. And then teach them to not only live it in their home, family, job, etc., but in the public forum. Show them how to engage the postmodern thinking of our day with truth. Get a spine. Get up out of the study for an hour or two each week and go to your local college campus. Talk to students about the gospel. Go to the abortion clinic. Tell people not to murder their baby. Offer them help. Go to a gay pride parade and talk to the people there. Give them the gospel. Bathe the whole thing in prayer. Pray. Call your church together to pray. Start up that archaic Wednesday night prayer meeting again. Read. Read the Bible on your knees. Read Ravenhill. Tozer. Lloyd-Jones on revival. Iain Murray on revival. Jonathan Edwards. Whitefield. The Puritans. Bonhoeffer.

Repent. Stop waiting for a rapture because "look how bad everything is" and start preaching and living as if Jesus is the King He says He is.

Do it, not to save our culture, but because it's what we should have been doing all along.


Michael Coughlin said...

Agreed, brother. And well done on creating a sentence which rightly captures the problem with some of the rapture believers without offending brothers who believe it will happen but do not apply it wrongly.

Curt Day said...

Perhaps we should also reflect on how Christians oppressed others when the culture was dominated by Christianity before going out and challenging today's culture

Curt Day said...

There are multiple reasons for the culture shift and some of them are good. Today's culture is still shifting away from some of the old prejudices and that is because there is more exposure to people who are different.

Thus, as much as the Christianity is seen as a practicer of prejudice, there will either be a significant redefinition of or shift away from the traditional Christianity we are accustomed to. So if we want neither to be redefined nor relegated to the past, we need to find ways of preaching against certain sins that do not include prejudice.

Jon Speed said...


Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Christianity is a declaration of truth which is based upon the Bible. The Word of God has spoken to the issue of homosexuality, in both the Old Testament and the New. It does not change because the culture changes.

Curt Day said...

I agree. The question becomes how much of the Truth do we legislate and use the law to enforce?